Love is in the air!

Every February 14, across the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. When it comes to Sri Lanka, Valentine’s Day is becoming a major attraction. Parallel to Valentine’s Day celebrations all around the island, DIMO’s Social Media Platforms organized a series of competitions on Facebook and Instagram.

DIMO Lanka Facebook page conducted a competition named My V day wish for the one I love. There, fans were asked to post a memorable moment with their loved one accompanied with him or her Valentine’s Day wish on event page’s timeline between 3rd and 10th of February. We received 28 event entries and 2 Lucky winners were selected based on the number of likes each entry received.

Dimo SL

Mercedes-Benz Sri Lanka Facebook page joined the celebration as well! Choose your gift and grow your love with #Mercedesmylove was the name of the competition and all you needed to do was to choose one of the elegant Mercedes-Benz collection items and say to whom they would present it with the reason why he/she deserves it. A total of 18 entries were counted and we selected 2 lucky winners based upon creativity. The competition went on for 7 days starting from 3rd to 10th of February.


Meanwhile Tata Motors Sri Lanka Fan page encouraged its fans to write a Love letter to Tata GenX Nano as its Facebook Valentine’s Day competition, which was conducted from 5th to 11th of February. The event received 28 creative Letters to Nano. They were in love with the Nano! Out of 28 entries, 3 Lucky winners were selected upon the creativity of the letter.

TATA Motors Sri Lanka

Jeep Sri Lanka Fan Page conducted a competition as My Love: My Adventure. Fans were asked to post their most exciting and adventurous photo they’ve taken with a small description as to why they love it the most, between 5th and 11th of February. Out of 11 entries 2 Lucky winners were selected based on the difficulty of the photo taken and the information with it.

Jeep Sri Lanka

Careers at DIMO Facebook page, also went on with a Valentine’s Day themed competition called Share your Love. We asked our fans to share their image with the one they love. This competition went from 9th to 13th of February. At the end, 2 Lucky winners were selected.

careers at dimo

As an emerging Fan page, DIMO Sri Lanka’s Instagram page also joined the course by conducting an event via Instagram for this Valentine’s Day, named Dimo V Day. This was its first ever competition where one had to hash tag #dimovday with a photo of you with your loved one and we got 1 entry as a start. The competition went on for 7 days from 3rd to 10th of February.

dimo vday

Also, Mercedes Benz Sri Lanka Instagram and Facebook and its Facebook fan page organized a whole new level of experience for their fans by collaborating with Uber Sri Lanka, on 13th of February. The event was named as Merc My Ride. Initially, Uber asked its users to use a special button on the Uber app and few selected users had the privilege of feeling the comfort of a brand new Mercedes-Benz to travel to their destination.

merc my ride

DIMO thanks everyone who took part in these competitions as well as encouraged their friends who in return contributed in completing a successful range of competitions on all their official Facebook pages as well as on few other platforms.


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