Jeep Sri Lanka together with SLARDAR has organized a jeep rally named as Jeep SLARDAR 1000 Rally 2016, bringing light to a significant sporting feat in the form of a first ever TSD Rally Championship in Sri Lanka. Jeep Sri Lanka was the title sponsor for this wonderful event which involves three tough terrain rallies which brings on board skilled drivers from around the country to take part in this mega sporting spectacle.


 flag off 3


Jeep SLARDAR 1000 Rally flag-off was held with 30 contestants and each of them had 2 minutes of starting gap between them. Despite the heavy rains which we had on starting day, numbers of jeep fans were there at DIMO 800 complex enjoying the electrifying atmosphere. The rally went on for 2 grueling days along the routes of Kurunagala, Kandy, Avissawella and back to Colombo spanning 1000 kilometers of distance successfully!


8 Jeeps customers took part in the rally forming 2 teams and was able to sweep away with many wards. Of the overall results, 5 Jeep Wranglers were among the top 10 places further proving the capability of the Jeep brand considering the rally taking place in one of the toughest terrains in the island.


Mr. Dan de Silva and Mr. Aloka de Silva from Team Jeep became 5th and 7th respectively from the overall results where the former won the 1st stage as well. Team Jeep back crew was present throughout the rally providing excellent backup whenever needed. Mr Niroshana de Silva Mr. Tharanga Gunawardana and Mr. Harin de Silva represented DIMO at the award ceremony which was held at the DIMO 800 auditorium on the 21st of February 2016.



The event was an overall success and Jeep Sri Lanka wish to thank everyone who helped to make this wonderful event a success.



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