The Plastic and E-waste Recycling Programme for the DIMO Tribe which was organized to celebrate The World Environment Day was launched on 7th of June 2016 at Head Office. The employees who were interested in recycling their household waste items, handed them over to the collection point located in the office premises


Recycling of E-waste helps managing a lot of toxic substances such as cadmium, mercury and lead and avoids soil and water pollution and release of CFC to the atmosphere. If not properly managed, the exposure to E-waste could adversely impact on human health leading to cancers, heart and brain diseases.

Plastic has become a main reason for land and water pollution. It impacts the balance in eco-systems and threatens wild life. Plastic waste also acts as a breading place for various carriers like mosquitoes that spread Dengue and Malaria.

We would like to thank those who engaged in the Recycling Programme and invite everyone to be a part of this project in future.



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