New DATS Trainees Batch – 2016

New trainees for the “Automobile Mechatronics “ course conducted by DATS were selected recently. The two year course conducted under the guidance of Daimler AG provides students the opportunity to learn and work with the latest automobile technologies in the world. Twenty competent students were selected from over 200 quality applicants through a revamped selection process which included an entrance examination, an assessment centre, one-on-one interviews and a final interview with Chairman.


The new recruitment process which has been adopted by Daimler AG. worldwide has been a great success. And is the brainchild of Mr Jobst Ferber. A highlight of this process is the assessment centre where candidates engage in group activities such as constructing a bridge and presenting their ideas to an audience. The applicants’ creativity, leadership, communication and team work skills were assessed through these activities. This entire process is designed to ensure that DIMO will have the best quality technicians in future.

The selection process was conducted at the new DATS facility in Weliweriya by Mr Jobst Ferber (GM), Mr Anura Malagala (Training Manager) and the DATS staff. The final interviews was held at DIMO 800. The awareness and recruitment campaigns for the Automobile Mechatronics Course were carried out through social media.



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