MERCEDESTROPHY Sri Lanka Country Finals 2017

The MercedesTrophy, the annual golf tournament was held recently at Shangri-La’s Hambantota Resort & Spa. The 28th tournament to be held, the event saw the participation of over 80 customers in varying age groups. Considered to be the most exclusive tournament to be held in the country, Mercedes-Benz once again proved why they are deemed the Worlds #1 Luxury Automobile Marquee, by producing an experience which is unmatched in the country.

The tournament highlighted the “Perfect Drive”, the latest range of SUVs with a special emphasis on the GLA, the versatile compact SUV from Mercedes-Benz. The main highlight at the tournament came at the awards ceremony where the latest addition to the Mercedes-Benz family was unveiled with all its glory, a 60 year heritage that it yet to be matched by our competitors; the brand new Mercedes-Benz SL. The Chairman and the board of directors of DIMO, the GMC committee and the Mercedes-Benz sales and after sales teams were present to make the weekend memorable.



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